MyRuby 30 sec 3D TVC


This 30 sec TVC is part of a set of 4 TV ad’s done for a direct client in United Kingdom. Client provided us with script and sound track and character development, story boarding, animation to final video was done out of our studio in Mumbai.

A 3D short film by SOURCE ANIMATION PVT LTD, India


The Kools Family:

This 8.30 minutes 3D film is a part of a series of humorous short films aimed at promoting social awareness, accident and injury prevention in kids. This film was produced for a direct client in United Kingdom. We were given basic idea about the characters, script and voice over’s, rest of the assets like character models, expressions, background layouts, animation direction, VFX and SFX was done at our studios. If you wish to know more about us please contact us at