What is Storyboard & Animatics ?



Once, pre production team which includes several visual design artists, is ready with the characters, backgrounds and props designs, process of story board design can be initiated. Storyboards are a sequence of sketches of key frames and a little description of the action going to take place in that particular shot.

Storyboards are designed based on the approved scripts those are generally written by animation writers. In other words Storyboards are like a blueprint for the production process.


It is very expensive to produce animation content these days, no matter you are working on 2d or 3d animation, VFX for live action films or TV commercials, you can save loads of time and money if you design a proper Animatic.

Once story boards and scratch voice or sound recording is done you can initiate the process of developing an Animatics. “Visual and Sound” are two very important aspects of ‘film making’ and Animatics can cover both of these aspects very well. Animatics is simply made by embedding image sequence with the sound track, you can keep on amending these image sequences (from storyboards) and sound track till the time you reach to a level which is acceptable to the animation directors and all other team members and you are ready with your Animatics.